Barangay Dangcalan, Malinao, Aklan has a population of about 884 in which 194 households spread all over 5 sitios. It is an interior Barangay situated 3 kilometers away from Poblacion, Malinao. Aside from Farming, almost 90% of its people depending largely on making bamboo handicrafts such as nigo, kaea-eaw, lerong and other products made of bamboo, as the main source of our livelihood. This being the case, farming and bamboo craft is the focus of development efforts.


In the year 1796 when the Municipality of Malinao separated from the Municipality of Banga, the barangays of the municipality are also officially established.

“DANGCALAN” is the official name of the Barangay at the present with a land area of 210.7431 hectares. Story tells that the word “DANGCALAN” was derived from a tree called “Dangkalan” with scientific name “Callophylum Inophyllum” or locally known as “Bitaog” which once grew near Dangcalan Primary School presently the Dangcalan Elementary School.

Barangay Dangcalan is known to house the “Taeangban Hills” where a big rock is situated and enshrined with it is the image of “Our Lady of Lourdes”.

Before the World War II, this Barrio erected a Chapel (“Ermita”) near the current site of Dangcalan Elementary School led by Juan Idiezca Ibarreta, Hilarion Iquiña Ilio, Marcos Yarra, Marcelo Arevalo, Pancracio Ira, Nasario Imperial, Agapito Iman, Enrique Isar, Doroteo Isar, Jacinto Iscala, Cenon Icabandi, Lucio Pioquinto Yarra and others.

After the World War II in September 22, 1956, with the help of some Malinaonons who are in Manila, the union of “The Malinao Brother Improvement Society” donated an image of Our Lady of Lourdes led by Jose Ilegan Inoturan (a resident of Brgy. Lilo-an) to the Barrio, and this was given a place which was called “Grotto at Mount Taeangban” – on the same day the First Mass in Taeangban was conducted, since then, “Nuestra Senora de Lourdes” became the Patron Saint of the Barangay; and celebrated its festivity on every last Saturday of February.

In 1962, through the efforts of the Dangcalanons, they constructed a Chapel (Ermita) at Taeangban. The lot for the Grotto and the ‘Ermita’ was donated by ‘Ginuong’ Epimaco Quimpo Ilejay.

The people who endeavored for the construction of the ‘Ermita’ are: Feliciano Isar (“Tinte Yanong”) and his wife Maria Rembulat Isar (“Tila Maring”), Nicolas David, Romualdo Icabandi, Sotera Ilejay Isuga, Domingo Icagoy, and others. The people who latterly endeavored for this religious effort are Panfilo Inoman, Peregrino Igmasin, Jesus Arevalo and his wife Eufemia Ileto, Panfilo Iturralde, Juanito Isar Orale, Rustica Ibarra Arnaiz and others.

The Taeangban Hills is the highest peak of the Barangay and is considered to be the center of the town wherein a panoramic view of the low laying parts of Malinao and even some municipalities of Aklan can be sighted. Aside from the overlooking views and welcoming ambiance, Taeangban Hills is also suitable/accessible for Pilgrimage, Retreats, Scouting and Hiking activities. The Barangay currently celebrates its Barangay and Religious Fiesta every 11th day of February.

March 2013 Holy Week when the Stations of the Cross from Nuestra Seniora De Lourdes Chapel to Taeangban Hills was blessed. The Station of the Cross was made possible through the initiative of SPO4 Wilfredo I. Arevalo. On February 2014, Barangay Road to Taeangban Hills was constructed through the efforts of incumbent Municipal Mayor Wilbert Ariel I. Igoy, the Municipal Officials, Barangay Officials and Bakero it Taeangban Officials.

October 30, 2018, this date when the image of “JESUS NAZARENO” was enshrined at the rock adjacent to the Grotto in Taeangban Hills. It is also through the initiative of SPO4 Wilfredo Ileto Arevalo-Bakero it Taeangban, President.

Aside from farming, the skillful Dangcalons make bamboo handicrafts such as Nigo, Kaeaeaw, Lirong, Baskets and other bamboo products, an inherited livelihood which has been passed down for generations from the residents’ ancestors.

Nowadays, The Barangay Officials thru the leadership of Hon. Analiza I. Arevalo envisioned Taeangban Hills to become a famous Religious Tourist Destination because of the Pilgrim’s and Devotee’s testimony that their Prayers were answered and the sickness was cured especially those who experience “PALAPAK” during the fiesta Mass.

Visitors, Tourist, Pilgrims and Devotees are very much welcome to Visit, Experience & Explore Taeangban Hills highlighting the Miraculous Grotto of “Our Lady of Lourdes”. It is much better if visitors can bring Candle & Flowers and the most important thing, she wants is you to Pray the Holy Rosary & Novena sa Birhen Sang Lourdes.